9.14.2012 Bone and Joint Hospital at St. Anthony First in State to Utilize Robotic Technology for Total Hip Replacement 

Contact: Shelly Payne


Bone and Joint Hospital at St. Anthony First in State to Utilize Robotic Technology for Total Hip Replacement


OKLAHOMA CITY – Bone and Joint Hospital at St. Anthony announced this week that it is the first hospital in Oklahoma to utilize robotic surgical technology for total hip replacement. MAKOplasty ® Hip is an innovative total hip replacement procedure that is performed using a highly advanced, surgeon-controlled robotic arm system. It can be a treatment option for people suffering with either non-inflammatory or inflammatory degenerative joint disease (DJD), and is designed to assist surgeons in attaining a new level of surgical precision in hip surgery.

The hip is one of the body’s largest weight-bearing joints. The hip is called a ball-and-socket joint because the round ball-shaped head of the thighbone (femur) moves inside the cup-shaped hollow socket (acetabulum) of the pelvis. These bones are covered by cartilage, a layer of strong tissue that cushions the bones and allow smooth, easy movement of the joint.

When the cartilage in the hip wears down, bare bone is exposed. When bone-on-bone contact occurs within the joint, it causes pain that can be felt in the groin, outside the hip, at the base of the spine or radiating from the thigh to the knee. Total hip replacement consists of removing diseased bone and replacing the femoral head with new head and stem components. With the new technology, the surgeon is able to place the implants in the desired location, providing a good, stable biomechanical reconstruction and acceptable leg length restoration. It is performed with the RIO Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System. RIO enables surgeons to use a 3-D anatomic reconstruction based on a CT scan of the patient’s own hip to pre-surgically plan implant positioning.

There are many benefits to MAKOplasty®, including:

  • More accurate placement of your hip implant using the surgeon-controlled robotic arm system, which can reduce the likelihood of hip dislocation
  • More consistency in leg length, potentially decreasing the need for a shoe lift
  • Decreased risk of the implant/implant and bone/implant impingement (abnormally rubbing together) – may improve the lifetime of hip replacement.

“We are excited to add this new technology to the slate of surgical services we offer our patients,” says Corey Ponder, M.D., the orthopedic surgeon on staff at Bone and Joint Hospital at St. Anthony, who performed the first MAKOplasty® Hip procedure.

For more information on MAKOplasty® contact (405) 979-7700 or make plans to attend a free community education program at noon on Sept.19, at Bone and Joint Hospital at St. Anthony. To reserve your place for the seminar, call: 979-7814.