Mako® Resurfacing in Oklahoma – Bone and Joint Hospital at St. Anthony 

Mako® Partial Knee Resurfacing                                                                                                                                  
Mako® Partial Knee Resurfacing is an innovative treatment option for adults living with early- to mid-stage osteoarthritis that has not progressed to all three parts of the knee. It is powered by the RIO®  Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System, which allows for consistently reproducible precision in performing partial knee resurfacing.

The Difference Between Knee Replacement and Knee Resurfacing
The difference between total replacement and partial resurfacing depends on your affected knee. Depending on where the arthritis or damaged portion of your knee is, partial knee resurfacing may be an option for you.

The knee has three compartments: the inside aspect (medial compartment), the outside of the knee (lateral compartment), and the front of the knee (patellofemoral compartment). In some osteoarthritis patients, only one of the compartments is affected, usually the medial or lateral. In such cases, a total knee replacement may not be necessary, and patients may undergo an artificial knee resurfacing or partial knee resurfacing procedure.

Mako® Partial Knee Resurfacing
Mako® Partial Knee Resurfacing offers precise and consistent results for partial knee resurfacing patients.                           

During a partial knee resurfacing procedure, the diseased portion of the knee is resurfaced, sparing the patient’s healthy bone and surrounding tissue. An artificial implant is then secured in the joint to allow the knee to move smoothly again.

The Mako® Partial Knee Resurfacing Procedure is minimally invasive, and uses the RIO® Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System. This technology allows the surgeon to create a virtual view of the bone surface, providing precision and consistency in performing partial knee resurfacing. As a knee arthroplasty procedure, Mako® Partial Knee Resurfacing is typically covered by most Medicare-approved and private health insurers.

Mako® Total Knee Replacement

Performed using the Mako® Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery System, the Mako® system is a surgeon-controlled robotic arm technology that enables more accurate alignment and placement of implants.

The Mako® Robotic-Arm Assisted Surgery System provides three dimensional pre-surgical planning, as it details the technique for bone preparation as well as a customized approach. Using the robotic-arm technology allows the surgeon to precisely execute the procedure based on an individualized CT scan of each patient’s own unique anatomy. During the Mako® Total Knee procedure the robotic-arm assisted surgery system provides visualization of the joint and biochemical data, to guide the bone preparation and implant positioning to match the pre-surgical plan.

Bone and Joint Hospital® at St. Anthony was the first orthopedic hospital in Oklahoma to offer robotic assisted knee surgery. 

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