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The Joint Replacement Center - Total Joint Replacement Specialists in Oklahoma City

Joint ReplacementThe Joint Replacement Center at Bone and Joint Hospital at St. Anthony in Midtown Oklahoma City offers a comprehensive approach to treatment and wellness, for patients who have undergone total knee or total hip replacement procedures.

At Bone and Joint Hospital at St. Anthony in Oklahoma City, our total joint replacement specialists are dedicated to providing support and care for you during your recovery.

Physicians, nurses and physical therapists work with you and a chosen friend or family member to promote successful recovery. In a supportive group setting, you have the option to share meals and participate in physical therapy with other patients in the program throughout your hospital stay.

Our hospital is committed to providing the best orthopedic care in Oklahoma. The Joint Replacement Center in Oklahoma City is recognized for quality in care and treatment of total joint replacement patients.

The Experience 
The Joint Replacement Center is a designated unit at Bone and Joint Hospital at St. Anthony in Oklahoma City, dedicated to caring only for patients who have had a total hip or total knee replacement surgery. Our team of health care providers specializes in caring for patients who have had these types of surgical procedures.

There is an emphasis on group activities as well as individualized care at The Joint Replacement Center. After your joint replacement procedure, you will begin your journey to recovery by participating in a pre-op education class with other patients, giving you an opportunity to network with others having the same experience.

This provides a support group for you during the recovery period after your surgery. Throughout your hospital stay, this group will have the option to participate in physical therapy sessions, meal times, and other activities together.

We encourage you to bring a family member or friend with you to act as your coach. This person is encouraged to attend your physical therapy sessions and activities in order to become familiar with and participate in your recovery process.

During your stay at The Joint Replacement Center in Oklahoma City, you and your coach will enjoy the comforts of a private room and meals provided by our “Expressly for You” dining service.

The length of recover after surgery varies with each patient. Most patients will stay in the hospital for three days after surgery. As a participant in The Joint Replacement Center, you will have several goals to achieve before going home, with the help of our team of specialists.
Pre-op and post-op education is also part of the process. A program coordinator will follow up with you at home to answer questions and monitor progress after surgery.

Choose Bone and Joint Hospital at St. Anthony in Oklahoma City
Oklahoma’s choice for more than 80 years, Bone and Joint Hospital at St. Anthony, located in Midtown Oklahoma City, is unique in that the hospital is committed.  As a result, Oklahoma’s own Bone and Joint Hospital at St. Anthony is able to provide patients with a greater degree of individualized care.

Patient satisfaction ratings have consistently placed Bone and Joint Hospital at St. Anthony in Oklahoma City in the top 10 percent of hospitals within the Press Ganey national database. Our physicians and health care professionals are dedicated to providing you a caring and safe environment for total joint replacement surgery and recovery.